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2002 Leo J. Telesmanick Championship Results

August 10-11, 2002, FRMEA/Low Tide Yacht Club, New Bedford, MA

Overall Leo J. Telesmanick Championship Winner: John York, Cataumet Club

Above photographs by Emily L. Ferguson.

Photos of the regatta by Spectrum Photo
can be seen at their Web site.

Ancient Mariners
1. Sue McGowan Mattapoisett
2. Daniel Bullard Thimble Is
3. Alan Bragdon Bass River

Old Salts
1. Carlo Zezza Chapoquoit
2. Wells Pile Edgewood
3. Steve Warner Catboat Assoc
4. Bob Bartro Edgewood

1. Peter Fallon Wild Harbor
2. Patrick Ryan Chatham
3. Spence Powers Falmouth

1. Gretchen Granbery Thimble Is

1. John York Cataumet YC
2. Timothy Fallon Wild Harbor
3. Ryan Richards Falmouth
4. Alessandro Zezza Chapoquoit
5. Robert King Chapoquoit
6. David Fallon Wild Harbor
7. Ted Dickson Chatham
8. Stephen Kirk Wild Harbor
9. Peter Clapp Duxbury YC
10. Mark Thornhill LTYC
11. Bill Adams Wild Harbor
12. Mark Fallon Wild Harbor
13. Dick Hitchcock LTYC
14. Matt Cohen Wild Harbor
15. Charles Clapp Duxbury YC

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